Tastes from Issue 1

Here are some bits from the first issue of The Orgasm zine:

From Orgasm, Orgasm, 1,2,3

“I’ve always been fascinated with sex and with my own sexuality and body. I consider my body’s capacity to orgasm and all of the orgasmic pleasure I’ve experienced in my life to be an incredible gift. Ever since I started masturbating at age 9, I’ve had an average of 2 orgasms per day- sometimes only 1, occasionally 0, and often 3, 4, or more. Usually with myself, but sometimes with a partner. Having orgasm before I go to sleep every night (and sometimes other times of the day) is so much a part of my everyday life that I only consider how special it is when I talk to someone who rarely masturbates or has orgasms.”


From A Squirter

“I found some porn that was taped over a movie that we had in our house. From then on, every time I was alone, I would watch the scene over and over again, squeezing my breasts, thrusting a candle in and out of my vagina, rocking up and down, until finally…..I…..had to pee?”


From I Decided it was an Orgasm

“So here’s how it happened and it’s very simple. A friend of mine said something to me that suggested that I could just decide that what I was experiencing, pleasure-wise, was orgasm, at least for me. The thought had never entered my mind that maybe orgasms aren’t always earth-shattering events, maybe I had had orgasms and just didn’t know it because I was expecting too much from them instead of just letting them be what they were.”


Read Kaleigh Trace’s whole amazing piece, Girls Just Do, on her blog, The Fucking Facts.


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